Top Friendship Killers

Various factors can kill a friendship. This article is going to highlight the main factors that can ruin your friendship. These factors are going to help you in improving your friendship or making healthier friendships.


This is more pronounced in women than in men. Most women are considered to be naturally competitive and jealous. They are said to hate anyone who is more self-assured and confident than them. A jealous friend can be identified by the way she or he behaves. Such people have a tendency of being very aggressive when they are making comments. They will comment on your lifestyle, clothes your boyfriend e.t.c

Additionally, a jealous friend will always try to play your talents and achievements down since he or she will consider you as being competitive. Jealousy can destroy your friendship or relationship since you will always be unhappy with the other person’s success. If you happen to be such a friend, you are advised to engage yourself in doing esteemable things for others and yourself.


Selfish friend believes that everytSelfishnesshing has to be done according to their terms. Such friend will always make another feel guilty or even put other people down. If you are relating with such a friend, it is good for you to come out clearly and let him or her know how you are affected by his behavior.


Manipulative friends are not direct. They might be aware of your weakness, and they might always hint around you to do something, yet they know that you will be falling for their manipulation. If you have such a friend, then you need to tell him or her to be more direct when dealing with you. Let him, or she knows that you would appreciate her or him if he if more direct.


Liars are very annoying. Such people cannot be trusted. There is no friendship which can survive without trust. You should confront your friend whenever you realize he is lying. Tell him or her that you will never trust him is he is always lying. Trust is very important in any friendship.

Being too “busy”

One sided relations are very poor. You need to understand that everyone is but every friendship takes a lot of effort and time. It is upon you to decide if you want to be in a relationship. Friendship is like an investment. You should know that anyone who purports to be always busy is not interested in your friendship.…

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