Health Benefits Of Bay Leaves

Bay leaves are known for their impressive health benefits. These leaves have a strong ability to detoxify the body, managing stress, improving heart health, reducing inflammation, alleviating respiratory issues, preventing various types of cancer, slowing the ageing process, protecting your body from fungal and bacterial infections detoxifying the body and speeding up the wound healing process.

The bay plant is a small tree which is evergreen. The origin of this plant is the Mediterranean region. Bay leaves have been in use for thousands of years in medical and culinary culture. They were also widely used during the ancient Roman times. Extracts obtained from these leaves are sued for herbal treatment and in aromatherapy. These are the health benefits of bay leaves

Improving digestive

These leaves have a strong stimulating effect which is helpful to the gastrointestinal Improving digestivesystem. Its diuretic effects help in decreasing removing toxins from the body. Bays leaves are also rich in organic compounds which are beneficial in settling the common stomach’s upsets and lessening symptoms associated with Celiac’s disease. Additionally, it contains unique enzymes which facilitate the intake of nutrients and efficient digestion.

Alleviating respiratory conditions

You can apply bay essential oil to your chest to alleviate the various types of respiratory conditions. The essential oil obtained from bay leaves is used in aromatherapy to eliminate the dangerous bacteria which might be trapped in the respiratory tract. This is attributed to its potent antibacterial activities.

Diabetes management

Bay leaves are used in regulating the blood sugar levels, regular consumption of these leaves can help in lowering the chances of developing diabetes. It is also helpful for the individuals who already have diabetes.

Treating stress and anxiety

Bay leaves have potent soothing properties. Also, these leaves contain linalool which is also associated with basil and thyme. This compound is helpful in lowering the levels of hormones which causes stress. The stress hormones are dangerous to the general health of the body. Bay leaves will help you in keeping the body relaxed calm.

Heart health

Rutin and caffeic are soHeart healthme of the important organic compounds contained in bay leaves. These compounds play a major role in boosting the health of your heart. Rutin is used in the strengthening of the capillary walls found in the heart and the other parts of the body. On the other hand, caffeic is used in eliminating the “bad” cholesterol from your cardiovascular system.


Prevention of cancer

The combination of organic compounds and antioxidants found in bay leaves which include linalool, catechins, and phytonutrients helps in protecting the body from free radical damage. The free radicals can cause mutation of the healthy cells leading to cancer.…

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